Door Styles and Styles for Your Home

Door styles Tuscaloosa AL

Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling an existing one, there are many decisions to make about colors, materials and styles. Door choices are no exception.

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Exterior Doors

If you want your home to make a great first impression and boost its perceived value, consider installing attractive new exterior doors. They’re easy to customize with a wide range of options including decorative glass, trim and hardware choices.

Depending on the weather in your area, you may need a door that provides powerful protection from wind and rain. A storm door is a clear cover that can be closed during bad weather to prevent debris from entering your home. It also improves ventilation, allowing fresh, clean air to flow through your home.

Steel exterior doors provide a powerful barrier against wind and rain. They’re durable and easy to clean. They won’t rust and don’t dent like wood or fiberglass. They’re also available in a variety of styles and colors to match your home.

Interior Doors

There are many different types of interior doors for homeowners to consider. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing existing doors, choosing the right door for each room in your house is crucial for the overall look and function of your space.

Hinged flush doors are a cost-effective choice that work well throughout the house and can be stain-colored to match your decor. Panel doors can be made in several styles, and are a good choice for kitchens with design schemes that tend toward contemporary or modern. Louver doors are a popular style that provides ventilation and a measure of privacy, while still allowing in plenty of natural light.

French doors are a more elegant option that features glass panels along the entire length of the door, and they’re typically sold in pairs. They can range in price depending on the design, materials, and insulation options chosen. For instance, a thermally broken unit can provide ten times the insulating protection of a standard door.

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door (also known as a patio door) is a type of moving door that allows light and fresh air to flow into interior spaces. This style is also a great option for homeowners who want to take advantage of their outdoor space, such as a backyard or patio.

This style of door is designed to open horizontally, and it requires less floor space than hinged doors that require them to swing in or out when opened. Sliding doors also offer a modern look that can complement any home design.

These doors are available in a range of sizes and designs. Some have mullions, while others have a frameless design with glass panels that slide into wall pockets on either side. Many of these doors are ENERGY STAR rated, which means they can help homeowners save money on energy bills by keeping heated and cooled air in their homes. Additionally, they have features like dual internal/external weatherstripping and compression bulb seals to provide excellent protection against air infiltration and moisture.

Wooden Doors

The doors of your home offer more than just protection against weather, pests and intruders. They also contribute to your home’s aesthetic and can influence its value. With so many options available, it’s important to select doors that are strong against the elements, attractive to your guests and match the rest of your home’s exterior for a pulled-together look.

Wooden doors are a great choice for Central Alabama homeowners, as they blend natural beauty with energy efficiency. They are also designed to resist swelling, warping and cracking. For a more cost-effective option, consider a fiberglass door. Many of these products feature a textured grain finish that looks like wood but won’t shrink or rot.

Whether you’re looking for steel bifold doors to bring more light into your home or French doors that blend indoor and outdoor living, we have the perfect solution. Our steel door collection features 9 different wood species and 23 glass options, so you can personalize your new door to suit your tastes.