Choosing the Right Entry Doors for Your Home

Entry doors Tuscaloosa AL

Choosing the right entry doors is essential to your home’s security and aesthetic. The right door can ward off intruders and provide energy efficiency.

The best choice for your home is a fiberglass door that offers superior durability. It can also be outfitted with interior insulation for added energy efficiency.


Choosing the right door replacement style can have a major impact on your home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and security. The style you choose will influence how sheltered your entryway is from the elements, pests and intruders.

Steel doors are a durable, long-lasting option for homeowners who want a high level of protection and style at an affordable price. They are incredibly strong and won’t warp or crack over time, unlike wooden doors that can be affected by weather conditions.

These doors come in a variety of styles to match your home’s architectural design. Choose from smooth fiberglass doors with panel embossments and rail lines that complement modern homes, or choose a solid steel door with stylish shadow lines and an energy-efficient design. You can even add a glass panel or transom to bring more natural light into your home. You can also choose a door with an advanced locking system to deter intruders and burglars.


Wood entry doors provide the warmth and beauty that enhance your home’s ambiance. They are also energy efficient, keeping the cooled air in and the hot air out, saving you money on your utility bills.

Because of the way they are crafted, wood doors offer superior security against intruders. They are strong enough to resist the force of a burglary attempt, and are available with a range of locking options including yale locks.

Unlike steel, wood doors are insulated to help prevent heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. They also cut down on traveling sound, making them ideal for apartment buildings and college dorms where noise control is important. Wood is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Refinishing is as easy as stripping the old paint and lightly sanding before repainting. Wood is a great choice for traditional styles as well as modern designs. No two pieces of wood are alike, giving your door a one-of-a-kind look.


Your front door protects you from the elements and provides security for your home. It also helps define your house style and curb appeal. The best steel and fiberglass doors are built to last and offer an excellent return on investment.

Today’s insulated fiberglass doors are virtually indistinguishable from solid mahogany, oak, or pine. They are made from the same glass-fiber-reinforced polymers used to make surfboards and Corvettes, and they don’t warp, rot, or shrink like wood or rust like steel.

Many homeowners choose to stain textured fiberglass doors, which can further pronounce their wood-grain texture. If you decide to go this route, you’ll want to consider a factory finish because painting or staining after the fact can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Fiberglass doors are a good choice for coastal areas because they resist salt air corrosion. They’re also a great choice for energy efficiency, because their thick cores prevent air from escaping and affecting your utility bills.

Bay & Bow Windows

Our company sells and installs high-quality, vinyl replacement windows throughout Tuscaloosa. Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling your current home, we offer a wide range of window styles to complement your design scheme and increase the home’s value.

Bay and bow windows are a great way to let in more natural light and boost your home’s architectural style. They consist of a center, inoperable window and flanking windows set at varying angles. Bay windows work well on larger walls, while bow windows are best suited for smaller walls.

Window installation styles are a key decision factor in residential and commercial renovation projects. Choosing the right style will ensure that your new windows look good and provide energy efficiency. Double-hung windows are a popular choice because of their balanced combination of affordability and quality. They’re a versatile option that looks great on any type of home. Other types of windows that homeowners may choose to replace are casement and picture windows.