Energy Efficient Home Improvements With Replacement Windows

Many homeowners are looking for energy efficiency in their homes. Window replacement is one way to achieve that. It also helps spruce up the look of a home and increase curb appeal.

Old windows allow outside air to enter causing the heating or cooling unit to work overtime. New windows will keep your home more comfortable at a lower cost. Find your local climate zone, u-factor and SHGC below to optimize your energy savings.


Local window experts can help you pick the right windows for your home. They’ll help you make the best choice for energy efficiency, curb appeal and more.

Energy Star certified replacement windows are a great investment in your home. They reduce heat transfer and improve insulation. They also qualify you for tax credits.

Wood clad windows feature the beauty of natural wood on the inside, and a low-maintenance aluminum jacket or vinyl on the outside. These windows are a great option for historic homes and are available in several styles.


If you are building a new home or adding on to an existing structure, consider using wood replacement windows. These windows are nailed to the studs of your home, providing an energy efficient solution.

Many wood window companies offer a variety of frames that meet different needs and aesthetic preferences. You should always consult with a contractor to learn about their choices and the benefits of each. You should also ask about how long it takes to complete a project.


New windows help to reduce energy bills by limiting the amount of air that passes through the home. They also provide a barrier that muffles noise from outside.

The best quality Alabama replacement window products are known for their energy efficiency. They keep heat out in the summer and hold heat in during the winter, thereby cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

Use the u-factor and SHGC tool to discover your county’s recommended energy star ratings for windows. This will help you choose the right type of replacement window for your home.


A popular choice among homeowners, fiberglass replacement windows are energy efficient and effective at reducing thermal transfer. They are durable and come in a variety of finishes.

When measuring the height of a window opening, raise the sash and measure between the jambs. These measurements should be within one-quarterone-quarter inch of each other. This allows the installer to order the right size replacement window for your home. It also helps prevent costly mistakes. Choose a window material that suits your aesthetic preferences and energy efficiency objectives for Tuscaloosa.


A bay window is a great way to brighten up a living room and add curb appeal. This type of home window is available in many styles, including gliding, picture, casement, awning and double-hung windows.

These windows are energy efficient, especially when combined with Argon gas and Low E glass. Buying energy star certified products will also allow you to get a tax credit at time of purchase.

Most replacement windows can be installed in a single day, although large jobs may require two days. It is best for the homeowner to be onsite during the installation process to answer any questions that the crew might have.


Located above doors and windows, transoms can let in natural light or simply add interest. They can be a great decorative option for homes with an architectural style such as Victorian or Mediterranean.

Adding energy efficient replacement windows can help reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. Make sure your new windows are rated for your climate zone, u-factor and SHGC. This will ensure your new windows are delivering maximum energy savings. Also, consider installing the replacement windows in an off peak season to save on installation costs.

Double Hung

Windows play a vital role in defining the overall ambiance of your home and can help improve its energy efficiency. However, the vast array of window styles available can make it difficult to select the best one for your West Central Alabama home.

Double hung windows feature two operable sashes that can be moved up and down to allow air flow and ventilation. They are ideal for homes with a view or high ceilings and are easy to clean.


You might not think that your windows have much of an impact on your lifestyle, but if they are old and leaky, they will drive up your energy costs. New windows provide better insulation and will keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer.

Look for ENERGY STAR® certified replacement windows to save even more money on your energy bills. You can use the u-factor and SHGC search tool to find your county’s recommended ratings for window efficiency.