Add Style and Energy Efficient Windows to Your Home

When homeowners get a replacement window job done, they are making a significant financial investment in their homes. That means they need to be able to choose the right type of windows for their homes.

The best replacement windows are energy efficient and come in a variety of styles. They also provide real beauty and charm to a home.

Double Hung

Windows are one of the most integral components of any home. They add style and design to a home, as well as provide a crucial role in maintaining energy efficiency. Older windows can cause drafts and leaks, which can cost you money on your utility bills.

Double pane windows can help to eliminate these problems, as they separate warm air from colder outdoor temperatures. They also help to reduce condensation, which can happen during winter.


Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, you can add a custom touch to your project with the right window options. Window installation experts can help you choose from a variety of replacement windows that will complement your home style and energy efficiency goals.

Look for windows with a high SHGC and u-factor to save on your energy costs. Your county’s climate zone, listed in the table, determines the best u-factor and SHGC for your home.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open from the bottom, allowing for ventilation. They are ideal for high-up spaces like above sinks and counters and pair well with other window styles. They also feature a stylish mortise and tenon frame and sash construction for a timeless, hand-crafted look.

Alabama’s weather is unpredictable, so the right windows need to stand up to cold winter temperatures and humid summer heat. For optimal performance, a double-pane argon-filled wood/aluminum clad window with spectrally selective low-E glass is recommended.


Bay windows include a large center window flanked by two smaller side windows. They offer a quaint and appealing look for your home in Tuscaloosa AL. This type of window also combines well with energy efficient features like Argon or Krypton gas, helping to keep your house warm during the colder months.

Drafty windows not only compromise your comfort, but can increase energy bills. By installing new windows that meet energy efficiency standards, you can lower your utility bills and carbon emissions.


Bow windows combine three to five double-hung or casement window units to create a curved design that maximizes natural light and space in your home. They can be customized to complement any aesthetic and offer panoramic views of the outdoors.

They add beauty and character to your home, creating a cozy reading nook or focal point for your living room. They are ideal for traditional or Victorian homes.


When vinyl windows were first developed in the 1950s and 1960’s, people weren’t too impressed. They were considered plastic and didn’t offer any added benefits for homes like wood or metal.

Today, they are a popular choice because of their cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. They are also available in a wide variety of styles and colors to match your home. Look for windows with Low-E glass and possibly argon gas between the panes to increase energy efficiency.


Double-pane windows offer exceptional insulation. They feature two glass panes separated by a spacer and are filled with a gas, such as argon or krypton, which further enhances the window’s insulating capabilities.

Look for a window manufacturer that offers a wide range of options and customization features. It should also provide durable products that are backed by an excellent warranty. Choose a company that offers ENERGY STAR certified windows and practices.


Designed to be a sleek and simple window design that will last, Don Young aluminum windows are known for their extreme durability in the Tuscaloosa AL climate. They also offer great energy efficiency and low PG ratings.

NT Windows is another manufacturer that offers aluminum-clad wood windows that are a good option for homeowners with architectural restrictions or homeowner association guidelines. They use extruded aluminum cladding which holds up to the elements better than thinner rolled aluminum.


Fiberglass windows insulate well and resist heat, cold, and moisture. They also prevent drafts and air leaks around window perimeters. Their rigidity allows more glass space in a frame than other materials.

Unlike vinyl, fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract at different rates as the weather changes, which reduces the risk of seal leaks or water damage. However, their rigidity can make them difficult to work with during installation.