Residential Windows in Tuscaloosa AL

Residential windows Tuscaloosa AL

Replacing your windows can improve the look and comfort of your home. It can also reduce your energy bills and help the environment by blocking out harmful UV rays.

Wood windows are a classic option with an all-wood frame that is sourced, processed and molded from American trees. They provide insulation and can last for decades with proper maintenance.

Single Sliding Windows

Single slider windows open and close by sliding from side to side. They are a good choice for rooms that overlook walkways, porches or patios because they don’t protrude outward.

Sliding windows require less maintenance compared to double-hung or casement windows because they have fewer moving parts. Nevertheless, they tend to get filled with dirt and debris that can interfere with their smooth operation. Several times a year, you should clean and lubricate the tracks of your sliding windows to ensure that they work smoothly.

Energy-efficient Sierra Pacific sliding windows feature wood frames that block out heat during winter and cool air in summer. Their thermal barrier technology reduces your home’s energy consumption by slowing down thermal transfer. The dual-pane design of these windows with a pocket of inert argon gas between them increases their insulating qualities. They’re also available with tinted and laminate glass to help protect your interiors from UV rays.

Double Sliding Windows

The most popular type of window among Tuscaloosa homeowners, double hung windows allow air circulation, provide a full view of the outdoors and are relatively easy to clean. The sashes can be opened and closed from either side of the window and are also energy efficient when combined with Low E glass and Argon gas fill.

Similar to sliders but wider, casement windows open vertically along the frame and can create openings up to 23 feet wide. They can also be configured to include muntins for a divided pane look without compromising efficiency.

A beautiful addition to a home, bay windows combine multiple functioning windows into a stunning center focal point that adds visual interest and natural light. They can be made from double hung or casement windows and are available in many style options, finishes and colors to complement your home.

Casement Windows

When you need a window replacement or new construction, you want to choose something that looks great and matches your home’s architectural style. The window you choose should also offer good functionality and be energy efficient. That means a tight seal and the right frame material for your Alabama climate.

Unlike sliding windows, casement windows hinge on either side and open outward by cranking a handle. They provide unobstructed views and more ventilation compared to other types of windows.

These windows combine two window panes with a gap in between where Argon or Krypton gas is filled. This adds a layer of insulation and can reduce your energy costs significantly. They are available in a range of styles, finishes and colors. They are perfect for Tuscaloosa AL homeowners looking for an energy-efficient upgrade to their homes.

Bay Windows

Adding a bay window to your home can transform an area into a cozy reading nook or breakfast nook. It can also add a dramatic new look to a room. This window style is available in a variety of configurations, including a three-pane design with one picture window flanked on either side by smaller openable windows, or a four- to six-pane bow window that offers a more expansive view.

Before you install your new bay window, make sure it is properly flashed and framed. Install a one-by-four base to reduce the weight of the window frame and make it easy for you to shim it square and level.

Many replacement windows are ENERGY STAR-rated and can help save you money on energy bills. In addition, they’re designed to resist damage and aging. Choosing the right window can also increase your home’s value and improve its resale value. Some companies even offer custom window color and woodgrains to suit your needs.